15 May 2013

Spring Landscaping Trends: Eco-Friendly London Landscaping

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Eco-Friendly London Landscaping

Spring is here, and homeowners are starting to think about their landscaping. One hot landscaping trend in London, in both residential and commercial areas is eco-friendly landscaping.

Eco-Friendly London Landscaping Trends

1. Controlling Weeds Organically. While pesticides and fertilizers are relatively easy to make or purchase in eco-friendly forms, inorganic chemical herbicides are quite effective and difficult to stop using. Weeds are a problem for every lawn or garden, and they are hard to get rid of without chemicals. However, there are many eco-friendly weed control solutions that are available online.

2. Conserving Water. Another growing landscaping trend is the extensive use of drought-resistant plants, normally native to arid climates. This is a feature in the practice of xeriscaping, which is landscaping that seeks to limit water use in irrigation. This trend is especially vital in areas where enforced water use limits are in place.

3. Recycled Landscaping Materials.  Using recycled materials not only helps save the planet, it also saves you money.  Recycling complements practices like re-using and limiting waste when it comes to landscaping your property.

4. Banning Invasive Plants. Invasive plants are non-native plants (with respect to a given area) that compete so successfully that they suffocate all other plants and eventually run rampant. They can be inadvertently introduced by people transporting seeds or plants to different areas. It is important to educate yourself and be vigilant with a zero-tolerance policy for invading plant species.

5. Encouraging Native Plants. Banning invasive plants from your area doesn’t necessarily entail forbidding all non-native plants. Some landscapers do go to that extreme, but it is more common to find people that seek to find a balance between native and non-native plants, using each to their maximum potential throughout their property. Selecting plants based on their water usage and moisture affinity is an example of using the right species for the right environment.

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